My Favorite Affordable Boutique Hotels in BKK

Visiting Bangkok? It’s high season this time of year, which means hotel rooms are more expensive than usual, as well as more booked out. I don’t mind traveling in high season, although it’s obviously more expensive than visiting in lower traffic months like April or May.

Luckily, Bangkok is packed with small boutique hotels that offer a great place to stay without the costs of a bigger, more well known hotel. I’ve listed my favorites below, along with some tips to help you get more for your money when you’re visiting Bangkok, whether in the high or low season.

Tenface Bangkok

One of my absolute favorite hotels, Tenface is located close to Ploen Chit BTS station and has huge, extremely luxurious one bedroom suites. The rooms here are nice and modern but don’t cost as much as most four and five star hotels, making it a great place to stay if you want plenty of space without the usual price tag.

Just be aware that it’s a short walk (or much quicker shuttle ride) from the hotel to the BTS Skytrain.

S Sukhumvit Suites

Located right beside Asoke BTS station, S Sukhumvit Suites is another one of my favorite Bangkok boutique hotels. The rooms here are a little on the small side but they’re cheap, comfortable and extremely modern, as well as in one of the best locations in town.

The only downside of this hotel is that it’s close to Soi Cowboy (you can find it on most lists of guest friendly hotels in Bangkok), meaning you’ll have to deal with a little bit of noise at night in the area around the hotel.

Akyra Thonglor Bangkok

Akyra is one of my favorite luxury hotels in Bangkok. It’s smaller than most and has a great location in Thong Lor, making it easy to get from the hotel to some of Bangkok’s most popular bars and restaurants. If you want to be close to the nightlife but far away from the sleazy side of Sukhumvit, this is definitely a hotel to consider.

Now, for some tips:

Bangkok gets busy in high season, so it’s important to book ahead, even if you’re staying in a smaller and less well known boutique hotel. It’s also a good idea to price shop, since two equally good hotels might have totally different prices based on demand and popularity.

As for location, stick to hotels that are within five to 10 minutes walk of the BTS. This way, you won’t be stuck walking in the hot weather to get around the city (even though Bangkok isn’t that hot during high season).

Have a good trip and enjoy your stay!

How to Make a Latte With Nespresso

Nespresso is one of my favorite things, first because it’s a huge time-saver and second because I love gadgets that simplify the things I do on a daily basis. Today, I’m going to show you how to make a latte (or a cappuccino, if you slightly modify the recipe) using a Nespresso machine.

There are only a few things you will need for this:

  1. A Nespresso machine with a steam nozzle or a separate milk frother
  2. Some Nespresso capsules (Ristretto and Kazaar are the best Nespresso capsules for lattes)
  3. Milk (you can use whole, low-fat or skim — it’s up to you)

To start with, use your Nespresso machine to prepare a capsule of coffee. Use the lungo size setting, which will give you about 110ml of coffee. If you like a stronger taste to your latte, you can brew a smaller shot of espresso to make the flavor more intense.

Once you’ve made the coffee, measure 220 ml (about seven-and-a-half ounces) of milk in a stainless steel container. Use the steam nozzle of your Nespresso machine or milk frother to turn the milk into a rich, steamy foam.

The key to getting the milk right is to move the frother throughout the milk as you make the steamed milk. Good milk should be smooth and consistent, not overly bubbly. If the milk starts to bubble too much, move the frother around so that the milk is evenly exposed to the steam. You’ll get the hang of it with time.

After you’ve frothed the milk, pour the steamed milk onto the coffee, then gently scoop the frothed milk at the top of the container onto the milk coffee. A good latte should have a smooth layer of milk that’s mixed with the coffee, then the “lightest” frothed milk on top. Like everything, this is a skill that you’ll pick up with time.

If you can’t work out the exact way to froth up the milk, this guide to using a steam wand from The Spruce is a good primer on the topic.

Let the coffee cool for a minute and *voila!* you now have a delicious latte that you prepared at home, all for a fraction of the cost of ordering the same thing in your local cafe. Enjoy!

My Top Shopping Malls in Bangkok

There are so many shopping malls in Bangkok. Some of them are very good and have a lot of good shops, but others are bad and try to rip you off. Today I want to share my top 4 shopping malls in Bangkok for all types of products, but mostly for fashion and accessories:

  1. Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon is my favorite shopping mall in Bangkok. It has many brand names of shops, such as Gucci and Celine. Its beside SIAM Station and is so easy to get there by train. The only problem about Siam Paragon is that its always crowded with many people. There is a food court at the bottom floor and many good restaurants on other floors of the mall.

The department store here is really great especially the shoes section. There are so many womens shoe brand, plus my boyfriend picked up some Allen Edmonds shoes (which are hard to find in Thailand) here. Everything imported is a little bit overpriced compared to Western countries, but overall the pricing isnt so bad.

2. Gaysorn

Gaysorn is a luxury mall with mostly brand names from Europe and the USA. Good place to empty out your wallet!!! Normally I dont visit to do clothes shopping but this mall has many good places to eat and cafes with some nice menus. Its next to CHIT LOM station and very easy to get there by walking from the BTS.

3. Central World

Central World is the biggest mall in Bangkok. It has many storys and also has a movie theater at the top floor that is the biggest in the city. I think the clothes selection is better in Siam Paragon but Central World has a lot more cheap fashion, like 21 Forever and Zara. If you want to buy some cheap clothes that look good, I like Central World the best.

4. Union Mall

Have you heard about this mall? I dont think so, because it is very far from Bangkoks central area. Union Mall is a clothes shopping mall in Lad Prao with many different brands of clothes from China and Thailand, and some brands from other countries. The clothes here are not great fashion but the style is great and its so cheap and easy to fill your whole wardrobe without spending very much at all!

I hope this guide helps you find some places to shop in Bangkok!

My Favorite Skin Clinic

Keeping good skin is very difficult! I find I get pimples and acne so easily, so often I need to visit the skin clinic to keep my skin in good condition. Bangkok has many skin clinics from expensive, to cheap, so I want to share my favorite clinic today.

Its a chain clinic that you can find everywhere, in most shopping malls. They offer skin treatments from laser to simple formula application that will help prevent pimples etc. The clinic name is Nitipon (website is only in Thai) and they have many branches in the big shopping malls like Siam Paragon or Central.

I find I often get pimples when the weather changes, like at the beginning of rainy winter or when it is cold in the end of the year. After visiting the clinic, normally this problem will disappear. If you have bad skin, give it a try for yourself and see about your results!

MBK: Not So Good for Cheap Clothes

Today, I want to talk about something thats annoying for me! Many of my friends bought clothes in Bangkok and got some good deals, because the price is a lot lower for something cheap and simple than Tokyo or Hong Kong and other cities. But, also many of my friends get high profiles because they shop in the wrong place.

MBK Center is a very popular mall for clothes shopping. For most Thai, we think of it just for shopping for technology and cellphones. But for foreigners, its popular to buy clothes and accessories there. The problem is that often the price is too high, even for a cheap item, and the seller is rude and demanding and will give a higher price than what the product really is worth.

I saw this recently when my friends had to pay 400 baht for some shirts that are very simple and use a cheap textile. Its easy to find these shirts for just 150 baht or even less than this at Platinum Shopping Mall nearby or to go to Chatuchak weekend shopping market on Saturday to get the same price or a lower price.

Always its very sad to hear about people that came to my city and got given some bad deals by sellers that are not honest. I recommend if you want clothes in Bangkok to avoid MBK! It is good for buying cellphone or tablet items but not for clothing and some other things.

Some better options for clothing:

  • Platinum is better for tops, shoes, belts etc. I have bought many items there, including the best leather belt for jeans, and the quality and price are both good.
  • Union Mall is also good with lower prices than Platinum, but the selection is less and the location isn’t so convenient.
  • City Complex is good for wholesale clothes but it isn’t good for new, fashionable clothes.
  • JJ Market is good for interesting clothes but prices can be similar to MBK sometimes.

My Favorite Pizza in Bangkok

Today I want to talk about my favorite pizza in Bangkok. There are many foreign restaurants in Bangkok with American and Italian dish available, but for me I like very fast food style pizza with lots of cheese etc. Thats why my favorite pizza is The Pizza Company! Dont make fun of me! Often its popular for foreigners (my friends) to make fun of me for this taste but I like to eat pizza with a very Thai style, with a lot of cheese and ketchup on the top.

If you like more Italian type of pizza taste, you can also buy pizza from Scoozi. This is also the Thai company but the recipe is similar to Italy and the taste is good. The amount of cheese is less and more bread, but it is still tasty. There are also many Italian restaurants with pizza that will cost 300+ baht and the taste is more authentic like USA or Italy.

I like to eat this kind of fast food and fatty meals but I cant do this so often, because its bad for health and cholestorol. So, instead I try to eat this just once every month. What about you? What is your favorite place to eat pizza and other fat and good tasting fast food in Bangkok?

Korean Area in Bangkok

There are many foreign areas in Bangkok. I think everyone knows about Chinatown near the old part of this city but many people dont know that there are also many small foreign areas in Bangkok in Sukhumvit, Silom and other busy cenral parts of the city.

One of the favorites of mine is the Korean Area (I think called Korean Town??? not sure) on Sukhumvit. It is betwenen Sukhumvit Soi 12. Food there is very good with a great selection of Korean bibimbab, BBQ grill and also fried chicken. Many of the shop brands are from Korea, so you know it will have the authentic taste that you can expect from a real Korean restaurant and not fake Thai-style or Western taste.

The location is simple: at Sukhumvit Soi 12, between Nana and Asok BTS Station. I think the best way to get there is to take the BTS train to Asok and use skybridge to access to Times Square tower. Then, you can walk down from inside the tower and go down the street to Korean Town. Make sure to enjoy Bibimbab for me!

Japanese Town in Bangkok

Bangkok has many different types of people that live here. There are manny Thai (or course) but also some other nationalities. Most people think of foreigners just as European or American but actually there are so many Korean, Japanese, Indian and other foreigners that live in Thailand and Bangkok especially.

Today, I went to visit Japanese Town in Bangkok. Its a area on Thonglor 13 near Seen Space. I like it because there are many Japanese restaurants there with some fresh sushi, meat grill, etc. The price is high for some of the restaurants but in many the price is very reasonable and selection of foods is very high.

If you live in Bangkok and want to try a Japanese meal from authentic chefs, this is the best place to visit, and easy to get there from Thonglor BTS station on Sukhumvit RD!

Why Lazada is So Expensive?

Sometimes I love to shop! Actually I think, always I like to shop. Shopping in Bangkok is very fun because of there is so many options and things to buy. There are many shopping malls and often discount sales that make it very easy to buy something nice without spending so much.

But, sometimes I like to shop online and so use Lazada to buy some things. Lazada is like Amazon for Thailand but the selection isnt so much. Closer to most Chinese online shopping websites I think. But it really annoys me about one thing, that Lazada is very expensive for many items. Electronics and shoes are both cost more on Lazada than in many shops in Thailand, so there is no point to buy there.

You might wonder, why am I so angry to write about this?

Because I ordered many electric items from Lazada for my new condo recently, but now they are also found in other shops for less. Feels disappointing to know I waited for shipping and paid more than that amount I needed to when I thought this website was all for discount shopping.

Just my warning to you. If you wan to use Lazada, make sure you check that their price really is the cheapest!

The Best Nightlife: Thonglor 10

Feel like going out? I often feel like going out and having fun on the weekend, but many locations in Bangkok are not to my style. Often music is very loud or safety is a problem, because in some of popular bars and clubs there are fights and danger. Even shootings have occurred in many popular nightlife areas! Also, there is a big problem with safety in many Bangkok nightclubs, such as when many people died in fires in 2009.

So, today I want to share my favorite street to go out and enjoy nightclubs without too much danger or a bad environment. Its Thonglor Soi 10. To get there is very easy. You can drive in a taxi from Sukhumvit Road or use the BTS Station in Thong Lor, then walk to Soi 10 or use the small bus. There are many bars and clubs, and my favorites are Demo and Muse.

Demo is dance music and electronic and is very popular late at night. You can get the best experience if you go to there after midnight. Muse is live band bar and open since much earlier, so its more fun to visit to there with your friends early in the night. I also like to go to Funky Villa, which is another club in this area that is actually connected with Demo.

If youre visiting to Bangkok and want to go somewhere safe and fun for nightlife, Thong Lor Soi 10 is a good choice!