MBK: Not So Good for Cheap Clothes

Today, I want to talk about something thats annoying for me! Many of my friends bought clothes in Bangkok and got some good deals, because the price is a lot lower for something cheap and simple than Tokyo or Hong Kong and other cities. But, also many of my friends get high profiles because they shop in the wrong place.

MBK Center is a very popular mall for clothes shopping. For most Thai, we think of it just for shopping for technology and cellphones. But for foreigners, its popular to buy clothes and accessories there. The problem is that often the price is too high, even for a cheap item, and the seller is rude and demanding and will give a higher price than what the product really is worth.

I saw this recently when my friends had to pay 400 baht for some shirts that are very simple and use a cheap textile. Its easy to find these shirts for just 150 baht or even less than this at Platinum Shopping Mall nearby or to go to Chatuchak weekend shopping market on Saturday to get the same price or a lower price.

Always its very sad to hear about people that came to my city and got given some bad deals by sellers that are not honest. I recommend if you want clothes in Bangkok to avoid MBK! It is good for buying cellphone or tablet items but not for clothing and some other things.

Some better options for clothing:

  • Platinum is better for tops, shoes, belts etc. I have bought many items there, including the best leather belt for jeans, and the quality and price are both good.
  • Union Mall is also good with lower prices than Platinum, but the selection is less and the location isn’t so convenient.
  • City Complex is good for wholesale clothes but it isn’t good for new, fashionable clothes.
  • JJ Market is good for interesting clothes but prices can┬ábe similar to MBK sometimes.