My Favorite Pizza in Bangkok

Today I want to talk about my favorite pizza in Bangkok. There are many foreign restaurants in Bangkok with American and Italian dish available, but for me I like very fast food style pizza with lots of cheese etc. Thats why my favorite pizza is The Pizza Company! Dont make fun of me! Often its popular for foreigners (my friends) to make fun of me for this taste but I like to eat pizza with a very Thai style, with a lot of cheese and ketchup on the top.

If you like more Italian type of pizza taste, you can also buy pizza from Scoozi. This is also the Thai company but the recipe is similar to Italy and the taste is good. The amount of cheese is less and more bread, but it is still tasty. There are also many Italian restaurants with pizza that will cost 300+ baht and the taste is more authentic like USA or Italy.

I like to eat this kind of fast food and fatty meals but I cant do this so often, because its bad for health and cholestorol. So, instead I try to eat this just once every month. What about you? What is your favorite place to eat pizza and other fat and good tasting fast food in Bangkok?