My Favorite Skin Clinic

Keeping good skin is very difficult! I find I get pimples and acne so easily, so often I need to visit the skin clinic to keep my skin in good condition. Bangkok has many skin clinics from expensive, to cheap, so I want to share my favorite clinic today.

Its a chain clinic that you can find everywhere, in most shopping malls. They offer skin treatments from laser to simple formula application that will help prevent pimples etc. The clinic name is Nitipon (website is only in Thai) and they have many branches in the big shopping malls like Siam Paragon or Central.

I find I often get pimples when the weather changes, like at the beginning of rainy winter or when it is cold in the end of the year. After visiting the clinic, normally this problem will disappear. If you have bad skin, give it a try for yourself and see about your results!