My Top Shopping Malls in Bangkok

There are so many shopping malls in Bangkok. Some of them are very good and have a lot of good shops, but others are bad and try to rip you off. Today I want to share my top 4 shopping malls in Bangkok for all types of products, but mostly for fashion and accessories:

  1. Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon is my favorite shopping mall in Bangkok. It has many brand names of shops, such as Gucci and Celine. Its beside SIAM Station and is so easy to get there by train. The only problem about Siam Paragon is that its always crowded with many people. There is a food court at the bottom floor and many good restaurants on other floors of the mall.

The department store here is really great especially the shoes section. There are so many womens shoe brand, plus my boyfriend picked up some Allen Edmonds shoes (which are hard to find in Thailand) here. Everything imported is a little bit overpriced compared to Western countries, but overall the pricing isnt so bad.

2. Gaysorn

Gaysorn is a luxury mall with mostly brand names from Europe and the USA. Good place to empty out your wallet!!! Normally I dont visit to do clothes shopping but this mall has many good places to eat and cafes with some nice menus. Its next to CHIT LOM station and very easy to get there by walking from the BTS.

3. Central World

Central World is the biggest mall in Bangkok. It has many storys and also has a movie theater at the top floor that is the biggest in the city. I think the clothes selection is better in Siam Paragon but Central World has a lot more cheap fashion, like 21 Forever and Zara. If you want to buy some cheap clothes that look good, I like Central World the best.

4. Union Mall

Have you heard about this mall? I dont think so, because it is very far from Bangkoks central area. Union Mall is a clothes shopping mall in Lad Prao with many different brands of clothes from China and Thailand, and some brands from other countries. The clothes here are not great fashion but the style is great and its so cheap and easy to fill your whole wardrobe without spending very much at all!

I hope this guide helps you find some places to shop in Bangkok!