Why Lazada is So Expensive?

Sometimes I love to shop! Actually I think, always I like to shop. Shopping in Bangkok is very fun because of there is so many options and things to buy. There are many shopping malls and often discount sales that make it very easy to buy something nice without spending so much.

But, sometimes I like to shop online and so use Lazada to buy some things. Lazada is like Amazon for Thailand but the selection isnt so much. Closer to most Chinese online shopping websites I think. But it really annoys me about one thing, that Lazada is very expensive for many items. Electronics and shoes are both cost more on Lazada than in many shops in Thailand, so there is no point to buy there.

You might wonder, why am I so angry to write about this?

Because I ordered many electric itemsĀ from Lazada for my new condo recently, but now they are also found in other shops for less. Feels disappointing to know I waited for shipping and paid more than that amount I needed to when I thought this website was all for discount shopping.

Just my warning to you. If you wan to use Lazada, make sure you check that their price really is the cheapest!